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Mr. José Sarraipa, the founder of the company, begun the activity in the year 1978. With the entry of 3 elements in the constitution of the company - Mrs. Odete Sarraipa, Mr. Pedro Sarraipa and Mr. Paulo Sarraipa - in the year 1982, the company name changed to "Sarraipa - Máquinas e Equipamentos Industriais, Lda" (Sarraipa - Machines and Industrial Equipment).

Initially with only 7 employees, the company has evolvedbased on the experience of its founder and with the support of his wife and son, Mr. Paulo Sarraipa and with the entry Mr. Pedro Sarraipa, the company was completed.

During this time, the company's strategy was based on serving directly the workshops that were located in the center and south of the country.

In order to get a bigger and better market penetration, in 1988 there was an internal restructuring with a new commercial policy, which included new products and opening to new markets of supplying.

This new policy led to a reorganization of the client network, and even the total coverage of the national market (continent and islands).

The fast growing rate of the market led to the opening of a Northern Branch in Gaia, in the year 1995, enabling more effective responses to customer requests of this region.

The beginning of the year 2000 was the opening of the new headquarters building, where works nowadays. The new building with a very pleasant showroom allowed to respond to the needs of space and customer needs.


Mission and goals

There is an undeniable reality, that we can’t escape: nowadays it's impossible to forecast and predict the future; the conjuncture, the clients preferences, technology, information… everything is too fast in order to deeply analyse the daily reality, establish action plans, evaluate them and set them in action, with the purpose of correcting mistakes in the company strategy.

For this, we considered very important to build a company, which reflects flexibility and efficiency, guided to the continuous and constants changes of superficial factors to the company itself.

We consider it essential that the company's objectives rely on a policy that will enable under any circumstances, adapt to changing markets where the company operates.

The two main goals (main goals because the remain are related to them) are extremely ambitious and at the same time attractive:


- Serve a client as unique: The company should direct its synergies towards the complete satisfaction of its client, in a personalized way.

- React quickly: The company must and should be prepared to react immediately to any changes resulting from the market, and the customers' expectations.



In order to achieve the objectives, it was necessary to establish principles, the “Company Mission”, and we have identified 5 basic premises:

1) Define leadership,

2) Establish and constitute appropriated work force,

3) Built a new organization plan, based in a clear and simple organography,

4) Serve clients individually,

5) Anticipate the market and follow its trends.



Our horizontal structure allows a huge flexibility and a fast answer, consistent with our mission and company goals. Nowadays, there are three major working areas: commercial services, after-sales services and logistics. Leading these departments, the company administration. The Administration is committed to respond for the company which leads despite of the total commitment and responsibility of their middle management.






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Rua das Flores Carreira d´Água – Barosa – Apt. 3028 2400-016 Leiria

TLF: 244 819 060  | FAX: 244 819 069 | TLM: 919 588 386

EMAIL: sarraipa@sarraipa.pt


Departamento Comercial

Telefone: 244 819 062
E-mail: helder@sarraipa.pt


Assistência Pós-Venda

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Fax: 244 819 067

E-mail: assistencia@sarraipa.pt

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